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Social Media Policy

Last updated: April 2024

About this Policy

A social media policy (“Policy”) applicable to Nxera Social Media Channels and those that engage with them. We recognize the importance of social media as an opportunity to share our business and operational updates, as well as to stay close to our investor community, industry peers and partners.

Below, we have listed the social media platforms we use to reach our global audience and provide guidelines for interacting with us on these channels.

  1. Nxera Social Media Channels:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/nxerapharma

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/nxerapharma

YouTube: www.youtube.com/@nxerapharma

  1. Objectives

These social media platforms were created and are managed by Nxera Pharma Co., Ltd. and any firm, company, corporation or other organisation which is a subsidiary for the time being of Nxera Pharma Co., Ltd. (“Nxera”) with the aim of sharing with the online community our business and operational updates, sharing information about our participation in industry events and programs, and educating the public about our company, mission, work and values. Content posted by Nxera is for informational purposes only and is NOT professional medical advice.

Due to the unique legal situation in the healthcare space, we cannot engage in discussion(s) around sensitive topics, products (ours or other companies’), or treatment options on our social media platforms.

Information disseminated on our social media platforms do not necessarily reflect the official views of Nxera, nor do they replace any disclosure obligations required of a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed entity. Please refer to Nxera’s corporate website (www.nxera.life) for official viewpoints and company announcements.

If you engage with us online, you are automatically agreeing to follow the guidelines set out within this Policy. We monitor social media sites, services and applications (and websites generally) for harmful content in breach of this Policy and relevant laws.

  1. Guidelines

We are committed to creating a positive sharing community on social media. Your response and feedback are important to us and when engaging with us online we ask you to please be respectful of other users. If you do not, we reserve the right to remove content at our discretion, as well as to block users and/or their ability to leave comments and to take action against them.

We appreciate your mentions, comments, likes, favourites and retweets! However, the industry in which we operate in is highly regulated and thus we may not be allowed to respond to, and we may delete, mentions, content, comments, direct messages and replies that:

  • Include profanity, defamatory, libellous, offensive, abusive, discriminatory or demeaning content (including images, videos and links);
  • Are disparaging, threatening, or condone violence or illegal behaviour;
  • Are excessively repetitive and/or disruptive to the community or considered spam;
  • Violate the social media platform’s Terms of Use;
  • Offer health or medical advice;
  • Amount to a suspected or actual infringement of our or others intellectual property such as a logo or brands, or a breach of other policies such as data protection;
  • Are commercial or advertising (e.g. sell products and services, or recruit fans and followers); and
  • Ask questions directly related to financial, legal, regulatory, or medical issues, or that relate to confidential information.

If you have a question or comment to which you would appreciate a response, or if you wish to report material that is in breach of our policy please contact us here: GDPR@nxera.life.

Please note that social media accounts we follow/interact with or accounts that follow/interact with us on our social media accounts are not an indication of Nxera's endorsement of these third-party accounts or the content they produce. In addition, favourites, likes, comments and/or retweets do not indicate endorsement. As part of our aim to share business and operational updates as well as our participation in industry events and programs, we may provide links or references to other sites as part of our social media content. However, we claim no responsibility for the accuracy of content on other sites and shall not be liable for any damages or injury arising from that content.

  1. Medical Effects or Adverse Events

Please do not use our social media platforms to report adverse events or medical side effects. If you believe that you have experienced any medical side effects or reactions from any product, please consult your physician, pharmacist or other healthcare professional immediately.

To report an urgent safety issue or medical emergency in connection with a Nxera clinical trial, please phone: +44 (0)330 055 2241 (accessible 24h/7days). These details are also available on our website at: http://www.nxera.life/contact

Thank you very much for reading and being a part of the Nxera community.